How To Reduce Excess Sweating

Whether you are going for a run or it is just a hot day at the office, we have all had experiences with unwanted sweat that damage our confidence and sometimes our clothing. Nobody likes talking about sweating but it is something we all experience on a daily basis.

Over 15 Million Americans Suffer from Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis causes suffers to sweat more frequently and excessively than most people. With so many people trying to effectively manage this condition every day, there are a number of treatments available and sweat free undershirts companies trying to help these people out.

It is great that people want to help those with Hyperhidrosis, but the current treatments are either too intrusive and expensive or they simply just are not helpful. With the need for sweat proof undershirts that work, one company has stepped up to help create sweat proof undershirts for professionals that do the job right.

Before we look at this revolutionary company and what makes them stand out, we first need to understand a bit more about sweating in general and why current treatment methods just aren’t good enough.

Why Do We Sweat?

To understand why some people sweat excessively we first need to understand why we as humans sweat in the first place. The primary goal of the body at any point in time is to maintain a state of homeostasis where the internal organs are working efficiently and our internal temperature is stabilized.

In an effort to keep the body at a safe temperature the body will use actions like sweating to regulate temperature. Sweat is released from millions of pores throughout your body with areas like the armpits and groin being the location of the apocrine sweat glands that are located near hair follicles on your body.

As we get hot or our body feels the need to release sweat due to a number of conditions, our glands release the sweat so that it can cool the skin and lower our body temperature. The reason sweat can smell and stain around the armpits in particular is due to the localized bacteria in the region that mixes with the salt and fat in our sweat to produce an odor and stain producing substance.

What Causes Excess Sweating?

Now that we understand what causes sweating in general, we will be better prepared to understand why so many suffer from Hyperhidrosis. This condition is somewhat unique in that there are a number of different things that can cause it to happen among a wide array of people.

Depending on the severity of the condition, some with this issue will simply sweat more often when going about active tasks and many people simply sweat throughout the day without anything appearing to cause it. A number of things can cause these issues to arise from endocrine diseases to certain illnesses causing the body to excessively sweat for a period of time.

Just as some people suffer from Hypohidrosis where their bodies do not produce enough sweat, people suffering from hyperhidrosis do not have many options when it comes to treatments. Let’s see what options are currently available so we can see why it is so important that someone created a new option to help those who need it the most.

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Traditional Hyperhidrosis Treatments


The most common and simplistic way that people try to deal with their excessive sweating is with antiperspirants. You can buy antiperspirants in just about every store and can get specially medicated ones with advanced strength for those with excessive sweating.

Whereas deodorants just stop the bacteria that cause smelly armpits from activating, antiperspirants are designed to stop the pores from secreting sweat altogether. The way this is achieved is by the use of Aluminum slats that enter the body and prevent the pores from secreting sweat. This method can be effective at times, but it has a few flaws.

The primary issue with antiperspirants is that they have a very limited effective time. This means you will have to keep running to the bathroom, removing your suit and shirt, and reapply the antiperspirant every few hours. On top of the limited effectiveness of the antiperspirant, it all exposes the body to aluminum content over time that may cause negative health effects for those with underlying conditions.


Botox has been used in the cosmetology industry for years as it has the ability to keep faces and skin looking younger over time. Botox is injected into the skin where it prevents the sweat glands from activating as the compound prevents the transmission of chemical signals.

In cases of severe sweating, Botox has proven to be a rather effective treatment, but it is not without downsides. The primary issue with Botox is that it is not a permanent treatment and will need to be redone every year. Not only does Botox treatment take a lot of time and effort to get done, it is also expensive for a treatment you will need to get done every year.


The drug market is one of the largest industries in the world and has come up with several options for drugs that can help with hyperhidrosis. These drugs are known as anticholinergic drugs that attempt to prevent the body from releasing sweat in several different ways.  

These drugs all function in a similar manner to block the chemical signal from the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This chemical is responsible for a number of bodily functions from releasing sweat to basic bowel movements and digestion.

The primary issues with this method are the need for a prescription and harsh side effects. You will need to get a prescription to take one of these drugs and will also need to continue using the drugs as long as you want the effects to last. This is both expensive and inconvenient as you essentially need to take these as long as you don’t want to keep dealing with excessive sweating.

The issue with side effects is also something to be carefully considered. Looking at how many bodily functions are controlled by the blocked neurotransmitter from these drugs, there are often side effects that can cause the body to give you dry eyes and mouth with more serious conditions like heart and vision issues also common.


The last and most intense option people have chosen to deal with hyperhidrosis is having a form of surgery performed to try and stop sweating permanently. The most common surgeries done to stop sweating in the armpits are to either have the sweat glands removed or their nerves cut.

Since the surgery is irreversible, this option is often reserved for the most extreme cases. This treatment is the most effective as it stops sweating in the armpit area, but it also comes with some consequences that don’t make it a clear decision to go with.

The scars you will receive are like any other surgery and will be with you for life in the areas operated on. The price of these surgeries are often expensive as they require delicate cuts and careful operating. The biggest issue that comes from this form of treatment is that it does not actually stop you sweating. What it does is stops you sweating around your armpits, so you will simply sweat more from other areas around your body that can be even more annoying to deal with.

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What Makes TR+O undershirts special?

Every solution that has previously been implemented to try and help people deal with excessive sweating has its moments, but each solution is slightly flawed in one way or another. Without a real solution being widely available for the masses means that many would have had to settle for a solution that they didn’t believe in.

When a businessman who suffers from Hyperhidrosis realized that there had to be an easier way, he founded TR+O. This new brand was founded on the idea that there could be a solution for this problem that millions of people have to live with every day.

Sweat Stain free undershirts may seem like something that you can just go and buy at any clothing store, but there just aren’t any good options out there. Countless men wonder where to buy sweat proof undershirts only to find a bunch of options that are either ineffective or just simply don’t work.

Let’s take a dive into the TR+O undershirt philosophy and vision that makes them stand out among a sea of products that just aren’t up to par with what customers deserve.

Quality Materials

Making an undershirt that is specifically designed to help those with excess sweat production needs to be created from the ground up. The obvious place to start designing the best sweat proof undershirts is with the materials that need to be able to deal with the added perspiration.

To create an undershirt that was as practical to wear as it is effective, the TR+O team decided to find the perfect fabric to use as a base for their undershirts. Each undershirt they make is produced with a unique Lenzing Modal fabric that is produced in Austria. This fabric Is unlike any traditional cotton or wool designed undershirt as it acts like a space age fabric seen on athletic gear.

The fabric is designed to feel like a luxurious and high-performance piece of clothing first and a shield to combat excess sweating secondly. Every undershirt feels like putting on a layer of silk as it allows for enough breathability to be worn under a suit and still keep you cool and stain free.

To help this fantastic fabric do its job even better, the undershirts are designed with a special waterproof layer that is designed to prevent underarm sweat stains. This unique layer is not only washable so you can wear it again and again with confidence, but it makes sure that all moisture is contained and doesn’t even get the chance to cause stains.

Practical Design

Moving from the materials to the design we continue to see where TR+O is pushing the boundaries of what an undershirt can be. Gone are the days of starchy white undershirts made of cheap materials that would get yellow impossible to wear just after a few weeks.

These sweat proof undershirts for professionals look right at home in the closet next to your suits and ties as they are made with care and designed with a purpose in mind. Put on one of these shirts and you will feel the design surrounding you in a layer of sweat protection all while feeling lighter than a feather on your skin.

These undershirts are especially effective because they are not just a piece of material designed to be cheaply produced but a tool in your wardrobe to keep the sweat stains in the past. The underarm protection on these undershirts is unlike other options as that area that is exposed to the sweat is designed so that it can displace the moisture and let it naturally escape in the air.

The design is also perfect for professionals as it is constructed with durable stitching and a lower section that is perfect for office wear. The durable stitches makes sure that each undershirt will be able to get washed and pushed to its limits with every wear. The bottom of this shirt is designed to hug the body so you can tuck it into your pants without having to worry about it trying to escape and ruining your look.

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With the clothing industry having a reputation for neglecting the environment all for the sake of profit, seeing a company come out with products that are environmentally friendly is a huge plus. The process used to create each shirt is something truly revolutionary and is what the future of clothing should look like.

The luxury fabric is composed of a unique fiber made up of plant-based fibers. The materials come from a unique Beech Wood Tree that originated in Japan and was moved to Austria where their trees are grown. What is really exciting about the process of breaking down this wood into clothing fiber is that the entire process is a closed-loop system. This means that no water is entering or leaving the process to make it self-sustaining. This is all topped off by biodegradable fibers that return back to nature when they are done being needed.


The last thing that really makes this company unique is their options for undershirts. Every undershirt is supposed to fit like it was made for every person individually, so there are a number options for every person to choose from.

Not only does TR+O have all the standard sizes you could need, but they have a few options for styles that get you the design you want in the size you need. You get a choice of black or whit undershirts so that you can match your undershirts with any outfit to keep them invisible. Additionally, you can also opt for a standard or V-neck collar to help you wear your undershirts with a wide array of shirts and not have anything sticking out.

Key Takeaways:

It’s always a struggle to try and deal with problems like excessive sweating as it is out of our control and something none of us can do much about. What we can control is how we react to the cards we are dealt and do what is best for our situations.

Instead of reaching for a new antiperspirant or setting aside thousands for treatments, look to TR+O to show you what the future of stain prevention is. These are the best sweat proof undershirts on the market and are sure to help thousands of men focus on work and not their sweat.