Perfect Undershirts Colors to Wear if you Sweat too Much

If you find yourself frequently sweating either in daily life or while working out, you’ll want to wear an undershirt that can help minimize the amount you sweat. One such product worth wearing is the TR+O Sweat proof Undershirt. Our undershirts come in different colors, and you can select either a black or white undershirt. Since our undershirts have a waterproof fabric, neither color will show sweat stains, and all of our undershirts are designed to help conceal your sweat. 


When choosing a color, there are multiple things to consider. First might be, are you wearing this as an undershirt under a team uniform or other professional uniform? If so, you want to pick the color that best suits the uniform you are going to be wearing. Pick an undershirt that can easily blend into the background.

There are a few reasons why you might to go with the white undershirt. If you are wearing the undershirt under another layer, and that is a light-colored layer, you will want a white undershirt. It’s best not to wear a black undershirt under a see-through light green outer layer, as your out layer will not be seen very well.

You also might want to consider a white undershirt if you are doing your work or play outside on a hot, sunny day. Black tends to absorb the heat from the sun and could help make you sweatier, where as white naturally reflects the sun off your body.

If you are looking for a lightweight, airy shirt that looks and feels good on a hot summer day, you might want to select the white undershirt, as it could help you mentally feel a little lighter and more refreshed.

 Man wearing a white sweat proof undershirt


While there are reasons to get the white shirt, sometimes the black option just might make you feel sleeker. Rumor has it that black clothes make you look skinnier, right? Overall, it really doesn’t matter too much which color you select, as both the black and the white options are equally as effective at moisture removal and helping you while you are sweating.

However, sometimes you want your outfit to match and you want to look your best. If you are wearing a shirt over your undershirt and that layer is a darker color, you will want to wear a black undershirt to make sure that your outer layer is still seen.

Furthermore, if you are doing an outside sport on a sunny day in the winter, like skiing or pond hockey, a black undershirt can help absorb some heat from sun and help you feel warmer.

When deciding on which color undershirt to wear, consider the weather and what type of look you are going for on that day. We recommend you have one of each so you can change them out as your mood strikes you!

 Man wearing a black sweat proof undershirt