What Clothes To Wear If You Are Suffering From Excess Sweating

Business man with many layers of clothes

If you are struggling with excess sweating on your own and have not worked up the courage or don’t have the means to speak to a medical professional about your condition, making well-planned wardrobe choices can do wonders to minimize visible sweat as well as make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

If you need to know how to keep yourself looking and feeling great all day long despite your hyperhidrosis, keep on reading. We are going to give you our favorite strategies for minimizing sweat marks.

The Best Clothes To Wear To Minimize Excess Sweating

Below, we are going to go over all of the different clothing options that you should look into if you need to minimize excess sweating throughout the day. Everyone is going to need different solutions depending upon their style, environment, and career, so choose the ones that are going to work best for you. Feel free to experiment with different options, as well.

Wear A Lot Of Layers

While it may seem counterintuitive, wearing many layers can help you cool down if you start getting hot. This is because when you wear many layers when it is cold out, if you start getting hot and sweaty at any time you can slowly begin to take them off until you find relief.

For instance, if you suddenly start getting hot and sweaty, you could build your outfit with a tank top, a blouse, a cardigan, a blazer, and a scarf in the winter. Then, if you feel an episode of sweat coming on, you can quickly and easily begin to remove layers down to your tank top until you don’t feel hot anymore.

Another good feature of this is, sweat cools you down. So, once you start sweating and strip down, you are likely to start feeling very cold. However, you can easily start adding layers back on to what you are wearing just as easily as you took them off. In this way, you are able to easily regulate your body temperature and stay at a neutral state that feels right to you.

Cover Up

If wearing layers isn’t really feasible for the season or the climate, you can just keep an extra layer handy for when you start to have a flare up. For instance, sweat coming from the groin area can leave embarrassing wet marks on furniture when you sit down. If you sit down on a cardigan or jacket, however, you can avoid that problem. In order to cover the wet spot on your outfit, you simply can tie the cardigan or jacket around your waist when you stand.

Try Out Different Colors And Patterns To Hide Sweat

Two of the best “colors” for hiding sweat marks are actually black and white. Black hides it well because it is so dark it is hard to differentiate between dry and wet. For white, it is so light that the same effect happens. On the contrary, anything bright or pastel-colored can highlight the sweat that you are trying to cover.

You are going to want to be careful with what color you are wearing and when however. For instance, black attracts heat and will get very hot, so if you are going to be out in the sun that day you are probably going to want to avoid black clothing.

White fabrics thankfully don’t change color when wet, and they will also help to keep you nice and cool all day long. There’s a reason we associate white linen clothes with beachwear! 

Patterns can also be helpful for hiding sweat because they are going to distract the eye from the visible sweat stain. However, not all patterns were created equally, so it’s important to experiment with different things and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, make sure not to choose patterns that you don’t want to wear or don’t fit with your wardrobe, as wearing something very off-brand can probably draw unwanted attention to yourself.

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Choose Light And Breathable Fabrics

The experts suggest that you should always look for clothing that is going to be lightweight and breathable whenever you are dealing with hyperhidrosis. Thankfully, there are plenty of fabrics that can help increase airflow to our sweatiest regions while also keeping us nice and cool.

However, the bad news is that the majority of clothing, particularly the most affordable clothing, is made from synthetic fibers and is thereby not very breathable. These types of fabrics, like acrylic and nylon, are likely to cause a lot of excess sweating.

Satin, for instance, can be a very problematic type of fabric for those who are suffering from hyperhidrosis. Instead, you should try to wear clothes that are made from fabrics such as cotton which will help allow for more ventilation.

If you want to wear something more form-fitting, then you will need to invest in clothes that are moisture-wicking. These clothes are going to be more expensive, but they are also going to help you stay cool and dry. A lot of performance wear is made of these types of fabrics. You can look for things like yoga tops, yoga pants, hiking gear, and other exercise apparel that can double as casual wear.

Wear Jeans

At first, you might think that denim is too heavy to wear if you are suffering from hyperhidrosis. However, we’re here to tell you that denim is actually very sweat-friendly. Particularly if you are making sure that you are buying high-quality denim and not the stretchy fake kind.

Real denim is made of cotton. This is going to be a thicker, stiffer type of denim than you may be used to. However, this thick denim is actually pretty breathable, and it is going to keep any excess sweating happening in your groin area under control all day long.

 In order to capitalize on this as much as possible, make sure to buy yourself a few different pairs of jeans for different occasions, particularly a pair of black ones, you can sneak by in most events with a well-fitting pair of tailored denim. For the more formal occasions where denim just won’t be appropriate, there are plenty of tailored formal pants made of athletic fabrics for both men and women these days, so it might be worth your while to invest in a pair or two of those.

Buy The Best Undershirts For Hyperhidrosis

A great way to make sure that you stay sweat-free all day long is to invest in some high-quality undershirts that are specifically designed for hyperhidrosis. These sweat-proof undershirts go under your normal clothing and help you stay dry all day long. The best sweat proof undershirts are made from TR+O and can help those who suffer from hyperhidrosis feel confident in themselves again.