Why We Love Our Fabrics: Lezing™ Modal

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Even though it has existed since the 1950s, modal fabric has been revolutionizing the fashion industry for the past few years. While some use it for underwear, others are beginning to use it as an environmentally conscious fabric option for high-end and ready-to-wear brands around the world.

Modal is lightweight, stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking, and environmentally friendly. It is made from beech tree pulp that is then turned into an eco-friendly and highly durable fabric used in both clothing and housewares. When it comes to modal, Lenzing AG, a textile company based in Austria, manufactures the highest quality and most sustainable modal fabric on the planet.

If you are ready to learn more about why we love Lezing™ Modal so much, keep on reading. We will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing fabric and why it is the perfect choice for our best selling sweatproof undershirts.

What Makes Lezing™ Modal Perfect For Sweat-Proof Undershirts?

To understand what makes Lezing™ Modal so perfect for the construction of sweat shield undershirts, first, you will need to know more about this amazing fabric and all of its components. Below, we will take you through the different properties of modal fabric so you can understand why we have chosen this fabric for our top sweatproof undershirts.

What Is Modal?

Modal is made from beech tree pulp, but despite its natural fibres, the production of it means it is characterized as a semi-synthetic fabric. Modal is mainly used for the manufacturing of clothing. Common clothing items made of modal include underwear, undershirts, sleepwear, activewear, and athleisure. However, modal is often used to make many items for the home as well, such as bedding, towels, and other linens. 

Modal is considered to be a type of rayon, which is a plant-based textile that is considered synthetic. However, modal is more durable and more flexible than regular rayon. Modal is not always used alone, it is often blended with other fibers to make a hybrid fiber that has the best qualities of both kinds of fabric. You will often see modal blended with cotton and spandex. These blends can increase its strength and elasticity.

Modal is considered a luxury fabric. It is very expensive compared to other fibers because of the work put into its production. It also does not pill or wears down easily, which makes it a perfect choice for high-end items. 

Modal first entered the world in Japan during the 1950s. Now, most of it is manufactured in Austria by Lenzing AG. Lenzing AG owns the trademark for modal, which is why we use Lenzing™  Modal, as it is the only one that is guaranteed to have the properties we are looking for. Lenzing AG also produces China Modal and Formatex. Lenzing AG also manufactures lighter versions of modal, including MicroModal and Modal Air by Lenzing. These finer knits have a softer feel and are considered to be even more luxurious. However, because they are thinner they are not quite as durable, so they are not as good of a choice for underwear and activewear as the original.

How Is Lenzing™ Modal Made?

Lenzing™  Modal is a fabric made of organic materials. It is made from spinning cellulose from beech trees. Modal is a more environmentally sustainable alternative to cotton because beech trees do not require nearly as much water to grow the same amount of fiber. The production of modal uses 10 to 20 times less water than the production of cotton.

You may be wondering why modal is not considered a natural fiber the way cotton is since it is made from plants. This is because of the style of production of the modal to transform it from the wood into a soft fiber. When modal is being produced, parts of the process include soaking the fabric in chemicals. These chemicals include sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfate. This is why modal is considered to be a semi-synthetic. Modal is a more durable and softer version of rayon fabric. Many people compare it to high-quality cotton, but we believe it is more luxurious, durable, and absorbing.

 Lezing Modal Factory

Here are the many steps it takes to make modal fabric, which is one of the reasons it is a more pricey fabric:

  1. Beech trees are grown and harvested.
  2. After harvest, the beech trees are chipped down and made into a pulp.
  3. The cellulose of the plant is then extracted from the pulp.
  4. The cellulose is then pressed into sheets, and the sheets are then soaked in sodium hydroxide.
  5. The cellulose sheets are then broken into small pieces. These pieces are then soaked in carbon disulfate. When this occurs, it produces sodium cellulose xanthate.
  6. The sodium cellulose xanthate is then soaked in sodium hydroxide. This makes a liquid solution.
  7. The new liquid solution is put through a spinneret. This is a device that has many holes. The liquid being rapidly forced from these tiny holes is what creates the fibers.
  8. The fibers are then taken and soaked in sulfuric acid. This makes the yarn. The yarn is cleaned, bleached, dried, and loaded onto spools to be used in textile manufacturing.
  9. In the textile manufacturing process, the yarn is woven or knitted to make fabrics.

The Benefits of Modal Fabric

You now know how Lenzing™ Modal is made, but that doesn’t mean that you understand just why we love this fabric so much and have chosen it to make our sweat-free undershirts. There are so many different reasons why it is the perfect fabric to use for our men's sweat proof undershirts for professionals. Here are some of those reasons:

The elasticity of modal makes it a great choice for our undershirts. It is also popular for t-shirts, athletic wear, and more.


It is hard to imagine just how soft modal is to the touch until you feel it for yourself. Its softness is why it is a popular fabric choice for the construction of bedding, sleepwear, and underwear.


Because of its breathability, modal is a great choice for the manufacturing of activewear. It is also often used for everyday clothes, particularly those constructed for summertime or for hot environments. Its breathability and airflow is why we have chosen it as the basis of our sweat undershirts for people with hyperhidrosis. Those with excessive sweating tend to get overheated quickly, so lots of airflow helps to keep that from happening.


While many people think that cotton is the most absorbent fabric, that is simply not true. In fact, modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton. This is because modal is full of micropores that absorb water or sweat quickly and efficiently. This is great for our sweat stain-free undershirts because it keeps you nice and dry all day long while also ensuring bacteria doesn’t grow. Bacteria grow in moist environments and cause body odor, which is one of the primary concerns of those who are suffering with hyperhidrosis.


Modal fabrics get their strength from the tight weave and incredibly long fibers that are used in its production. Its durability is why it is such a great option for garments that are going to get regular use like our sweat proof undershirts for men. It is also why it is a popular choice for underwear and bedding. It can be used and washed over and over again without wearing down.


The drape on different fabrics makes some fabrics better for certain applications than others. Modal has a drape similar to silk or rayon. This beautiful drape is why it is used to make eco-conscious clothing regularly. It is also what allows our top sweat proof undershirts for men to be form-fitting without being tight and hot.


As we have discussed, modal is made from beechwood trees that regenerate quickly and use less water than cotton. Additionally, while chemicals are used in the production process, Lenzing AG is able to reuse 99% of them in the next production cycle in a closed-loop process. This means that modal uses much fewer chemicals than most other types of semi-synthetic rayon.


Modal doesn’t get those little nubs of fabric in areas such as underarms. It has a smooth finish that is very resistant to pilling. This is why our undershirts for those with hyperhidrosis are so great for regular use. You will be able to wear them time and time again without wearing out the underarms.


Modal absorbs dye very deeply and the dye does not bleed even when modal is washed in warm water. This means that you don’t have to worry about your colored undershirts bleeding onto your other clothes when you are washing them in your washing machine.


Most types of rayon are notorious for how much they shrink when laundered in a machine. That isn’t true for Lenzing™ Modal. In fact, you can put your undershirts in the dryer and have them ready to go in no time at all without worrying about if they are going to shrink or not.


While it is a semi-synthetic because of the chemicals used during the production process, the resulting fibers are still plant-based. Because of this, Lenzing™ Modal is a completely biodegradable fabric that you won’t have to worry that it will damage the environment or fill up landfills. While you’ll be able to wear your undershirts for a very long time, which is also great for the environment, when it is time to dispose of them, you won’t have to feel bad doing so.


One of the things we love most about modal is that it is very wrinkle-resistant and will stay smooth as long as it is stored properly. Our undershirts will stay nice and smooth and tucked-in under your other clothes because of this property. All you have to do is hang them up or fold them neatly after drying for a smooth fit every time.

TR+O Sweat Proof Undershirts For Professionals: Made With Lezing™ Modal

Now that you know why Lenzing™ Modal is such a great fabric to use for undershirts, let’s talk about why TR+O is the best sweat proof undershirt store for those looking for options to deal with excessive sweating caused by hyperhidrosis. Below, you will find out all you need to know about our amazing sweat stain free undershirts.

Why Are TR+O Men's Sweat Proof Undershirts Made With Lezing™ Modal?

Lenzing™ Modal is the fabric that we chose to make our sweat proof undershirts for professional men because it is the best fabric for softness, durability, absorption, and smoothness. Additionally, we care about the environment at TR+O and we wanted to make sure that we use the most environmentally friendly materials in the production of our undershirts. We spent years researching the best way to come up with solutions for those who are dealing with the embarrassment of excessive sweating, and Lenzing™ Modal is what checked all of our boxes.