Why Wearing a Sweat Proof Undershirt Makes Sense

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If you sweat a lot, whether during your professional job, or doing hobbies like basketball and running, you likely have experienced wearing a shirt that is dripping with sweat and unsightly to look at. Wearing one of the top sweat proof undershirts on the market today is the best option for you, and something you need to consider investing in. Our TR+O Sweat proof Undershirts help wick away sweat with a waterproof layer so you will look good and feel good while you are working out. You will not have to carry around heavy cotton shirts dripping with sweat and chafing you in the wrong places.

Easy to maintain and wash, you never have to worry about wringing out an old, heavy cotton t-shirt again. With the sweat proof undershirt, you can maximize your workouts, feel great, and maintain your performance. Professionals who have spent a lot of time sweating, have create the right product for other professionals who sweat a lot. These TR+O Sweet Proof undershirts are made with top of the line, ultra-soft, sustainable, Lenzing™ Modal Austrian fabrics, and are backed with our 100% underarm sweat stain blocking guarantee. We guarantee you will be satisfied with any of the undershirts available for purchase.

After years of perfecting the right undershirts for professionals suffering from excessive underarm sweating, we have create the perfect shirt for your needs. Read on below to see all the reasons a TR+O undershirt is right for you!


Tired of being that guy on the basketball court who is dripping with sweat and has big, wet circular sweat stains under his armpits? These undershirts are specifically made to prevent sweat stains largely because of the uniquely designed waterproof layer that is machine washable. Imagine – you can play all the basketball you want without worrying like you are dripping water out of your underarms!

This waterproof layer absorbs moisture and wicks it away so you will not have any unsightly sweat stains. This waterproof layer is the key component of our shirts and why wearing a sweat proof undershirt makes perfect sense. No matter how much you sweat, a little or a lot, the waterproof layer that is in our undershirts is going to make you feel better. Designed specifically to get the moisture off your skin and into the air as quickly as possible, you will wonder how you have lived without the waterproof component of our sweat proof undershirts.

No matter the temperature, the season, or the activity, you should not have to suffer through your sweat. With the TR+O undershirt, you will be ensuring that you continue to have sweat stain free underarms. We give a 100% guarantee that you can work out as long as you want and your underarms will remain free of the unsightly sweat stains found when you wear any other type of undershirt.


One of the best features of this product is that TR+O undershirts are made with Lenzing™ Modal fabric produced in Austria. This means you will be wearing light-weight, ultra-soft breathable fabric, which is softer and more water-absorbent than cotton. You will no longer come home from the gym and wring out your cotton shirt with sweat before you wash it. This design is not only lightweight, but it also feels luxurious on your skin. You might even feel like you perform better, as you’ll feel lighter on your feet helping you to make more precise movements.

The moisture-wicking properties in the fabric of the undershirt basically removes the moisture away from the skin and helps the sweat dissolve into the air easily. Sometimes just the feel of the lightweight fabric of our undershirt will be enough to make you sweat less. Our material is also designed to be lightweight, so your body will not work as hard as it would while wearing a heavy cotton shirt. This alone can help you sweat less.

Fabric really is the secret. Decades ago you only could choose between cotton and polyester. Maybe nylon if you were lucky. None of those fabrics are good for the environment or good for your body. You want your workout gear to be made from breathable fabric that also does not harm the environment when the undershirt is created or when the garment is discarded at the end of its lifespan.


The reason our product is the best sweat proof undershirt for professionals is because it was designed for professionals by professionals. Our team saw a need for a product that did not yet exist in the market. We were not happy with cotton shirts or other products that were supposed to wick away sweat, but didn’t do that. TR+O undershirts are designed to be anti-pilling, they will not shrink, and you do not have to worry about wrinkles forming. Other shirts on the market can pill and wear out quickly after just a few uses.

Not only are these shirts the best sweat proof undershirt on the market, they are also super easy to maintain. Throw them in the wash and you can dry them in the machine as well. Our team thought of everything, and the undershirts are also designed to stay tucked in, so you can look professional, as well as feel professional. Whether you choose the V neck or the U neck, you can wear these undershirts any time you anticipate sweating.

Since our product is among the best sweat proof undershirts on the market, it makes sense that it was designed by professionals with experience in the sweat and exercise industry. Our product stands up the test of time. One of the aspects of our undershirts are that they will fit the same after your 20th wear as your 1st – that is unless you’ve been exercising more and dropped a few pounds!

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Do Sweat Proof Undershirts Work?

Whenever you are investing in a new product, you want to make sure it is going to work for you. Do not waste money on another gimmick that would act the same as a free t-shirt you won at a concert. Rest assured, the waterproof material in our undershirts make this product like no other available to you.

Many people worldwide suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis, which basically means you might sweat a little more than average in your underarms. Solving the problem of extra sweat is not that simple. It can be complicated medically to find ways to reduce sweat. Instead, it might be easier to find a product like a sweat proof undershirt to help cover up the excess sweat.

Even if you do not suffer from hyperhidrosis, sweat can still be unsightly. Do you want to be the sweaty, drippy guy at the gym, or the calm, cool, and collected guy at the gym? This is why we created the TR+O Undershirts.

If you suffer from extremely bad breath and can’t find a medical way to make it better, you might regularly chew some mint gum to help. This is not that much different. Instead of undergoing some medical extremes, find the right shirt to help with your sweat.


That right undershirt is ours, and our product comes in 4 different options, each in either V or U neck depending on your preference.

Sweat Proof Undershirts in WHITE

Relaxed Fit
 Slim Fit 
Relaxed Fit
   V NECK   
Slim Fit

Sweat Proof Undershirts in BLACK

Relaxed Fit
 Slim Fit 
Relaxed Fit
   V NECK   
Slim Fit

Any one of these products will go a long way towards helping you look and feel less sweaty. All of our products work equally as well. You should pick your undershirt based on personal preference – do you prefer V or U neck? Black or White? Slim or Relaxed? Choose based on your preference and you can have confidence knowing that they will all work equally well when wicking away sweat and unwanted moisture from your body.

With the choice between slim and relaxed fit, we are allowing you to choose between the option that will fit your body’s shape and style best. Our products are designed to tailor to your body, so you want to find the size and selection that is best suited to your needs. Decide on how much you want the product to hug your body, and decide between slim and relaxed. Both are good options, and it just comes down to personal preference.

If you are just starting to work out again after a long layoff, you might find that you need to buy a new shirt after you lose weight or gain muscle. The shirts will conform to your body, so to make sure the shirt operates at maximum efficiency, make sure you buy the right size for your body at the time you are going to wear it.


A product this good can’t be sustainable, right? It can’t be good for the environment? On the contrary, the fabric in our undershirts is primarily composed of beech wood pulp that is made into cellulosic (or plant-based) fibers. The raw materials are actually Beech wood trees, which are harvested from sustainably managed plantations, and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, when your shirt eventually outlives its lifespan, like all clothing does, the fibers are biodegradable and compostable, allowing them to eventually revert back to nature.

Reassuringly, you can purchase a sweat stain blocking undershirt while also knowing that you are not harming the environment, as all of our products are sustainable.

Some other products are made from materials harvested from countries that do not offer earth-friendly sourcing. Not only are they harmful to make, and possibly made in sweatshops, they can also be harmful to dispose. You can purchase our product with a clear mind, knowing that you are not harming the earth at any time in the lifespan of your undershirt.


Have you ever had to give a big presentation to a room full of people? You’re up in front of a room full of people in your suite and tie, and you nail the presentation. People love you. You sit down at the end of the meeting, take your blazer off, and start to relax. Now people are looking at you. Unbeknownst to you, there are large sweat stains under your arms.

The TR+O undershirt is not only the top performer because of the waterproof material that wicks away sweat, you can also wear it anytime you want. Do not save it just for exercising at the gym. Had you been wearing that under your work clothes in the above scenario, you would not have to worry about unsightly water stains long after your presentation was over.

The TR+O undershirt is a sweat free undershirt that helps you carry on about your daily life without worrying about sweating through your clothing. Wearing it under your business clothes will help keep your suit clean, and help you feel fresh all day long through long meetings and other endeavors.

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Our products come in a size for everyone! Since they are tailored made and designed to fit your body, use this size chart below to pick out the right size undershirt to meet your needs. If you find yourself working out more that you have the right clothing to support your needs, you might drop a few pounds. If you do, come back and size again, and grab a new shirt.

Measure yourself, and then use this chart to find the size that will fit you best:

Chart with shirt sizes

No matter your preference, U neck or V neck, white or black, we have an option that will fit you and help you block sweat stains from occurring!

Since our products are tailored to fit your body, you can be confident that one of these sizes will fit you like a glove. Most cotton t-shirts that you might have been exercising in can be boxy and flop around. Not only will the tailored design help wick away sweat and moisture, but it will also help you perform better and more confidently, as you will feel so much better than wearing any other type of undershirt while sweating.


Nobody likes buying high-maintenance clothing. Dry-clean only clothing can just add another errand into your busy schedule. With this in mind, our team made sure we designed a product that is easy to maintain.

To take care of your undershirt, follow these steps:

Wash on gentle cycle using warm water and cool rinse.
Avoid using chlorine bleach, even on the white shirt, as it could hurt the material.
Remove your items from the washer and put them in the dryer using the Low-Dry or Tumble setting.
Press Modal with an iron set on low to medium heat while the fabric is still slightly damp.

While you might feel like your undershirt gets extra dirty because of how hard it works to wick moisture and sweat from your body, you can follow your normal and wash and dry procedures. The undershirt will come out clean every time and it will remain durable through many wash cycles!

You’re ready to Take Action

Jump in. You have now done the research. You have compared fabrics, sizes, fits, and colors. Our team is standing by and ready to help you with your purchase. We can help before you make your purchase, and any time after you own the product if you have any questions at all. Make your purchase, and you will quickly find yourself much happier and relaxed in any environment that you find yourself sweating!