Anyone suffering from excess underarm sweating knows that it is likely due to a condition known as Hyperhidrosis. They also know that there are only a few none intrusive ways to go about it, and none as effective as a high quality sweat proof undershirt.

For more than 20 years I’ve been looking for the undershirt that would allow me to attend an important meeting and not worry about my armpits. Leveraging my experience developing +500 consumer products and bringing then to market, I decided to carefully study the materials, technology and design of these undershirts to create a new product that would effectively take care of the problem at a price that would make it possible for the millions who suffer from Hyperhidrosis to use it daily.

Antonio Turco-Rivas

Necessity is the mother of invention, and that is certainly true for TR+O Undershirts. These undershirts are the result of years of market and product research. I have personally tested every version and they are the best sweat proof undershirts your will find in the market.

My name is Antonio Turco-Rivas, I have been an entrepreneur all my life, created and sold millions of products, and this is the first time I’m offering a product I use myself every day. Try it, I’m confident it will work for you too.

You will walk into that meeting with confidence, using a product that you know fits, feels, works and lasts like no other. Our business is located in Miami, FL and you can contact us at any time with questions about our products. We are here to help.


TR+O has created sweat proof undershirts designed to help people with excess underarm sweating go about their day without having to worry about it.These shirts are one of the top sweat proof undershirts for men because they are designed for professionals and made of high-performance fabric that is ultra-soft and tailored for that perfect fit and come with a 100% underarm sweat stain-blocking guarantee. Here some of the key attributes of our products:


These undershirts are designed to prevent sweat stains thanks to a unique washable waterproof layer that you can wear with 100% confidence. In addition, the high-performance fabrics will absorb and release moisture, which supports our bodies’ natural thermal regulation processes, helping you stay dry and comfortable all day long.


TR+O undershirts are made with Lenzing™ Modal fabric produced in Austria. This ultra-soft breathable fabric is softer and more water-absorbent than cotton. It is lightweight and feels luxurious next to the skin. This fabric has moisture-wicking properties, essentially drawing moisture from the skin and helping it dissipate into the air.


TR+O undershirts are anti-pilling, and they won't shrink or wrinkle. They are ready to be machine washed and dried. The cuts are such that your undershirt will always stay tucked-in. With high-quality stitching and perfect V and U neck finishes available you will be happy to wear these undershirts with confidence and comfort daily.


TR+O undershirts are made with fabrics based on fibers derived from the pulp of beech wood trees. These trees are harvested in sustainably managed forests for the production of ecologically friendly fabrics. While this method was originally developed in Japan, TR+O now sources their fabrics from Lenzing AG an Austrian company, pioneers in high-performance eco-friendly fabrics.

The closed-loop process that makes this fabric is structured so that as much of the raw materials as possible are recycled back into the next cycle. They are so good at this that they are able to recover 99% of the water and solvent used.