Our fabrics

TR+O Undershirts Fabrics

Produced in Austria and mainly composed of beech wood pulp that is made into cellulosic (or plant-based) fibers. In addition to the low environmental impact of the harvest and production process, the fibers are biodegradable and compostable, allowing them to eventually revert back to nature. 

TR+O sweat proof undershirts are made with LENZING™ Modal made in Austria. The secret behind these fabrics is based in a process that transforms wood into fibers for life.

How can the hard raw material wood be turned into a soft textile fiber? Using the complex chemical viscose/modal process along with the most advanced closed-loop lyocell production process. Here, the wood pulp derived from cellulose is dissolved in a mechanical/physical process and spun into high-quality fibers.

 The technology behind these fabrics LENZING™ Modal fibers are produced from dissolving wood pulp in a responsibly managed multi-stage process using sustainable wood. The pulp has to be converted and matured, then further complicated chemical processing steps follow.  Finally a honey-like mass is formed which is pressed through micro-fine nozzles and the fibers are spun. They are subsequently treated several times and washed, stretched, cut and dried.

LENZING™ Modal fibers are manufactured in a modified Viscose process. This enables us to achieve special properties, making TR+O undershirts more easily washable thanks to the higher fiber strength they are pleasantly soft to the skin despite their firmness.